The Dance
Short Film | 35mm

Cast: Pardis Parker, Evany Rosen, Sarah McCarthy, Kristopher Anderson, Linda Thieu, Joe McKibbon, Steven Wallace Lowe, Ryan Hartigan
Writer, Director, Producer: Pardis Parker

Selected Press

"Well worth your time for a glimpse of this up and coming talent on the Canadian film scene."

"Parker's timing and body language in The Dance was exceptional."

"So adorable. It's won a whole slew of film awards, and it will make you smile without saying a word."

"A very adorable short film about sweet, sweet love. It'll make your heart sing."

"...que no solo fue el corto mas corto de la noche con su duracion de 10 minutos, es que ademas fue EL MEJOR, con su protagonista una especie de Steve Carell moreno..."

"Las actuaciones son exageradas, así como las expresiones faciales. El resultado es caricaturesco y bastante efectivo."

"Le comédien Pardis Parker est à la fois devant et derrière la caméra d’un court-métrage (qu’il a produit, écrit et réalisé) muet et très visuel à la fois émouvant et amusant."

"C'est une jolie petite boule d'amour sucrée et romantique. A noter que le court a récolté une palanquée de prix dans de très nombreux festivals, ce qui prouve, une fois encore, que quand une histoire d'amour est joliment écrite et réalisée, elle plait à tout le monde."

"This was really cute, acting was really good, the music soundtrack was just perfect…and did I mention the colours and visual imagery?"

"I loved the unique office setting splashed with pastel colors that echoes the seemingly endless optimism of Alex, the film's protagonist."

"That it's a silent film is the exact right choice for this material."

"The Dance has only been screening at festivals for two weeks but it has already received a handful of awards and distinctions and attracted big crowds at the Atlantic Film Festival."

"The dialogue-free love story has won several awards, and signals the continuing trend of silent films following The Artist's Oscar win in 2012 and Paperman's Oscar win for Best Animated Short in 2013."

"Pardis Parker wrote, directed and produced this short silent movie, and it's being shown Thursday at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood."

"I've always loved making people laugh without saying anything, even when I'm on stage doing stand-up. It's such a fun challenge."

"You’ll smile and be inspired by his charm. It’s a simple love in the purest form."

"It’s a small marvel of sweetness, emotion, visual comedy, and it’s all done with no language. I highly recommend it."

"Pardis Parker’s The Dance is Romance at its Sweetest."

"It’s about a guy who loves a girl, but who makes the classic mistake of trying to be what he thinks she wants him to be instead of just being himself."

"The Carmel Film Festival in California has added the film to its Best of Shorts program, from which Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood selects the festival's best film each year."

"His award-magnet short Afghan is still garnering attention on the US film festival circuit, and a video he shot for Halifax band MIR took home the jury award for Best Music Video at the recent Rincon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico."

"Parker's two previous short films have picked up awards at festivals in Canada and the United States over the last couple of years."

Selected Awards & Distinctions

2013 National Screen Institute of Canada

Best Comedy

2012 Boston Comedy Festival

Audience Award

2012 Canadian Comedy Awards

Nominee: Pardis Parker - Best Writing, Film

Nominee: Pardis Parker - Best Performance by a Male, Film

Other Awards & Distinctions

2013 Gimli Film Festival

Curated Screening - Best of the NSI Film Festival

2012 Forster Film Festival

Creativity Award

2012 SENE Film Festival

Best of SENE

2012 Humanity International Film Festival

Best Local Film

Best Canadian Film

Best Comedy

2012 World Music and Independent Film Festival

Nominee: Pardis Parker - Best Director

Nominee: Pardis Parker - Best Actor

Nominee: Christopher Porter - Best Cinematography

2012 Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival

Best Short Film

2012 Buttered Corn on the Cob Film Festival

Best of the Fest

2012 Imago Film Festival

Audience Choice Award

2012 Big Dam Film Festival

3rd Place

2011 Abitibi International Film Festival

Curated Screening - On Va Aux Vues

2011 Urban Mediamakers Film Festival

2nd Place

2011 Dixie Film Festival

Best Comedy

2011 SNO Boston Film Festival

Best Foreign Filmmaker

2011 Huntsville International Film Festival

Best Short Film

2011 PEI International Film Festival

Best Maritime Film

2011 Carmel Art and Film Festival

Best of Shorts

2011 JamFest Indie Film Festival


Other Screenings

2014 Hollyshorts Film Screening
2013 Detours en Cinecourt
2013 Southern Appalachian International Film Festival
2012 Dawn Breakers International Film Festival
2012 Next Wave Art Salon
2012 Salt Lake City Film Festival
2012 South Texas Underground Film Festival
2012 1737 Film Festival
2012 TriMedia Film Festival
2012 City of Calgary Canada Day Celebration
2012 Detroit Windsor International Film Festival
2012 Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival
2012 Anthem Film Festival
2012 Humanity International Film Festival
2012 Da Vinci Film Festival
2012 Island Media Arts Festival
2012 Athens International Film Festival
2012 Urban Suburban Film Festival
2012 Indie Spirit Film Festival
2012 Crossroads Film Festival
2012 Fort Myers Film Festival
2012 Soul 4 Reel Film Festival
2012 Capital City Film Festival
2012 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival
2012 Imago Film Festival
2012 YES Film Festival
2012 ViewFinders Film Festival
2012 Winter Film Awards
2012 Cleveland International Film Festival
2012 Jaipur International Film Festival (In Competition)
2012 The MIX International Short Film Festival
2011 Anchorage International Film Festival (In Competition)
2011 Kinofest International Film Festival
2011 Minneapolis Underground Film Festival
2011 Kerry Film Festival
2011 Silver Wave Film Festival
2011 Yellowknife International Film Festival
2011 Atlantic Film Festival
2011 Edmonton International Film Festival
2011 Guam International Film Festival
2011 Estes Park Film Festival
2011 Calgary International Film Festival