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"SCTV, in the 1970s, helped create John Candy, Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Rick Moranis and Lorne Michaels. Then came Dan Aykroyd, Dave Thomas, Mike Myers, all the guys from the Kids in the Hall, Howie Mandel, Russell Peters - and Jim Carrey. Now there is another, brand new guy who could be coming in to play. His name is Pardis Parker."

~ Linda Massarella, Toronto Sun

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Stand-Up Comedy

"Pardis Parker's life reads like an adventure novel. He was born in Sri Lanka, moved to Nova Scotia as a child, caught malaria while volunteering in the Solomon Islands and had to be airlifted out of heavy ethnic fighting. Then again, he also graduated from McGill University. The last few years, he's been honing that breadth of experience into filmmaking and standup comedy, to steadily growing acclaim."

~ Paul McLeod, Metro



"Beautiful short film."

~ Neetzan Zimmerman, Gawker


Two Men,
Two Cows,
Two Guns

"Too funny! Had me wiping tears from my eyes."

~ Char Hardin, Horrorphilia


The Dance

"Well worth your time for a glimpse of this up and coming talent on the Canadian film scene."

~ Kieran McMahon, The Playlist


Other Work

"Unassailably awesome."

~ Jordan Zakarin, BuzzFeed

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