Don't Turn Around (feat. Edgar Allen Floe)
Music Video | 16mm
Don't Turn Around (feat. Edgar Allen Floe) is the first single off Ghettosocks' sophomore album, Treat of the Day.
Artist: Ghettosocks feat. Edgar Allen Floe
Writer/Director/Producer: Pardis Parker

Awards and Distinctions

2011 World Music and Independent Film Festival
Nominee: Best Hip-Hop Music Video
Nominee: Most Creative Music Video
2010 Twin Rivers Media Festival
Award of Excellence

Official Selection

2012 South Texas Underground Film Festival
2012 TriMedia Film Festival
2011 End Of The Pier International Film Festival
2011 Ventura Film Festival
2011 Anthem Film Festival
2011 Rincon International Film Festival
2011 SENE Film Festival
2011 IFQ Film Festival
2010 Dixie Film Festival
2010 Hyart Film Festival
2010 Southern Winds Film Festival
2010 Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival
2010 Washougal International Film Festival
2010 Interrobang Film Festival
2010 PEI International Film Festival
2010 Phoenix International Christian Film Festival
2010 Out Twin Cities Film Festival
2009 Atlantic Film Festival
2009 Silver Wave Film Festival


Edward Mendoza - "Interesting '8 Mile' style indie video from Canadian director Pardis Parker, I like the intro; good way to set up the characters and the style of the piece. The video looks very sharp."
UGSMAG - "Real nice collabo! Video is a perfect representation of the story telling too. Good shit!"
The Journey Back - "He's got a new album, Treat of the Day, that'll soon be on itunes. If it sounds like this, it's definitely something worth buying. I also saw the video (produced by Pardis Parker), which I think is equally dope."
Time Out New York - "Halifax, Canada, MC Ghettosocks and North Carolina's Edgar Allen Floe drop three storytelling verses of youthful mistakes and hardships, encouraging the listener to leave the past behind, and focusing on moving life forward."
NQM-E - "Let's go Hip Hop."
Y Not My Dream - "Hip Hop at some of its best right here."
Purplisms - "Killer killer beat!!!!"
Viral Mixtape: Something For Everyone - "I took a minute to watch it and also took the time to enjoy it."
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Hip Hop Official by GoTV - "I had never heard of this cat, but I checked the video on the strength of his name alone (Ghettosocks? You better be fresh with a name like that). Well, Im glad I did. This is fresh."
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